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Eric O'Keefe from the Land Report goes over some general land buying advice in this video. There's a lot to think about before you buy a piece of land. For most, it's the single largest purchase other than your home that should be thought through carefully.

Some things to keep in mind before investing your time and money into a property:

  1. Where are the real estate booms happening?
    According to Eric there's a major boom going on right now in the South. Imagine buying some land right in the middle of a big wave? Nothing could be more exciting than snatching it up before everyone else does.

  2. Are land values increasing?
    You bet they are. As time goes on, land becomes more scarce due to rising populations of people all over the United States.

  3. Why do people buy land?
    One word - ENJOYMENT. There's so many possibilities when it comes to owning a piece of land. Maybe you'd like to start a ranch. Or have a place to camp with the family. There are many reasons anyone would want to have their own property.

The Land Report also offers a handy land buyer's guide for anyone interested in researching their decision before they buy.

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