Alabama (AL)

Alabama also has a small amount of cheap land for sale. I've passed this state many times on my way to New Orleans from Florida. It's been known to be called the "Heart of Dixie" being a southern state.

The majority of the land in Alabama is made up of flat plains while in North Alabama it's mostly a mountainous region near the Appalachians. There are several creeks, streams and lakes due to the Tennessee River cutting through from the north so it's ranked high for the amount of water that it contains, and Baldwin County is the largest county in Alabama in land and water area.

The temperature in the state averages over the year at about 64 degree F so it's fairly warm all year long with the south close to the Gulf of Mexico being warmer than the north. You'll sweat it out like I do in Florida with the summers being some of the hottest in the country above 90 degrees F.

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Property DeKalb Co Ala
Property DeKalb Co Ala
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