Blue Ridge Mountains

The Blue Ridge Mountains start in the southern part of Georgia at the base of the Appalachian Trail and extends up into Pennsylvania. There's cheap land for sale along the Blue Ridge mountains but you might be in for some competition for land since this is a popular area. As for why the beautiful mountain land shows as a haze of blue from far away is due to the chemicals the trees release into the air.

The elevation of the Blue Ridge Mountains is the highest in eastern North America with more than 125 peaks exceeding 5,000 feet. There are numerous trails to be walked or hiked and just imagine if you owned a nice piece of Blue Ridge Mountain land for sale? A dream come true for sure. Many cabins in the area rent out for weeks at a time and you have to reserve them sometimes several months in advance because of the popularity.

I, myself, have visited this gorgeous mountain land several times and I always crave to be back there on the ridge, gazing over the peaceful but moving views. You can find a nice chunk of cheap land for sale in the Blue Ridge mountains too below.

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