Indiana (IN)

Indiana could be a nice place to get some cheap land for sale. It's located almost in the middle of the U.S. and has an impressive population density compared to most states which is why it's ranked 15th overall. Indiana's largest city is Indianapolis which also happens to be it's capital. The state's name means "Indian Land" after the state being land for the Indians before anything else and even before the American Revolution in 1776.

If you were going to live in any land in Indiana you'd be in for some competition since there is a large amount of people living there. Cheap Indiana land is getting hard to come by as more people settle in the state.

The far north tip of Indiana touches Lake Michigan and there are hundreds of natural lakes there as well as National Parks and forests. The summers end up being hot and humid with average temperatures up to 90 degrees F and the winters are usually cool to cold with the coldest temperatures being down to below 20 degrees F.

Here is a small amount of cheap Indiana land for sale. Since the state isn't as large as other states and has a larger population than most, land is coming few and far between.

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